1.1 About PAAB

The Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board (PAAB) is comprised of a group of multi-stakeholder industry experts that work together to advocate truthful and balanced health product representation that is compliant with federal legislative regulation. Overseeing trusted healthcare communications since 1976, PAAB operates as an independent advisor for preclearance with patient well-being as its top priority.

In granting preclearance and with it the authorization to use the PAAB logo on advertising materials directed to healthcare professionals, PAAB will adopt the standards specified within the Code of Advertising Acceptance (Code) to all categories of healthcare products, including prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs, biologicals, homeopathy and natural health products. PAAB is recognized for making decisions about claims in advertising for healthcare professionals based on the review of evidence. PAAB will not grant approval or allow the use of its logo for advertising materials directed to healthcare professionals, patients or consumers that do not meet the standards of evidence defined within the Code, irrespective of the category of healthcare product.

PAAB reviews materials developed by pharmaceutical manufacturers predominantly for the purpose of advertising or promoting a product to healthcare professionals and increasing their awareness of that brand. By their very nature, the utility of these materials in providing complete information about a product is limited; however, PAAB ensures that any information provided about a product is evidence-based and that there is a balance between claims about benefits and possible risks.

The PAAB preclearance service is recognized and endorsed by Health Canada. PAAB maintains a liaison with Health Canada regarding the regulation of promotional activities for healthcare products.

  1. PAAB is a not-for profit, self-financing organization funded by the fees paid by advertisers for preclearance review and not for the acceptance of materials
  2. PAAB offers an opinion service for direct-to-consumer materials.

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1.1.1 The PAAB Commitment

PAAB is an independent review agency whose primary role is to ensure that healthcare product communication for prescription, non-prescription, biological and natural health products is truthful, accurate, balanced, and evidence based, and reflects the current and best practice. PAAB monitors trends in health product advertising and promotion, and adjusts its Code and practices as required to fulfill its mandate.

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The Board of Directors invites the full cooperation and participation of all advertisers, agencies, media and health professionals in monitoring the various aspects of the PAAB program. PAAB will respond to complaints or concerns from industry members.

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1.1.2 Membership to PAAB

PAAB was incorporated in 1976 with a multi-stakeholder Board of Directors. The following organizations are members of PAAB and have appointed official representatives to its Board:

Health Canada participates as an ex-officio observer on the Board of Directors and acts as advisor to PAAB, without relinquishing any part of its authority under the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations