1.3 PAAB Services & The Scope of the Code

A) PAAB Services:

The PAAB preclearance and review service covers promotional communications regarding Health Product Information that are directed to Healthcare Professionals, Patients and/or Consumers. 

  • The PAAB preclearance and review service is recognized and endorsed by Health Canada. PAAB maintains a liaison with Health Canada regarding the regulation of promotional activities for healthcare products.
  • PAAB is a not-for-profit, self-financing organization funded by the fees paid by advertisers for preclearance review, and not for acceptance of materials.
  • PAAB offers an advisory service for direct-to-consumer materials.

Regulations for DTCA 

B) The Scope of the Code of Advertising Acceptance:

The Scope of the Code of Advertising Acceptance applies to all Advertising/Promotion Systems in both official languages of Canada (English and French) distributed via all media to healthcare professionals and patients.

No media is exempt as a vehicle for distribution of advertising or promotion. Examples of media include print, audio, visual, audio/visual, electronic and computer means of communication.

Materials Regulated as Advertising